Empowering the community energy revolution

RedGrid has a bold ambition to tackle issues of climate change around the globe by changing people’s relationship with energy.

With consumer mindsets shifting towards an increasingly climate-conscious focus, we have made it our mission to make it easy for individuals to reduce their impact, increase their benefit from new energy resources, and be rewarded for their good energy actions.

We align the incentives of business, people and the planet to build a cleaner future.

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Snapshot of RedGrid

Our mission is to lead the charge in AI-driven innovation within the energy sector, particularly championing environmentally conscious AI practices. We collaborate with energy providers to harness the power of GEN AI innovation, enabling us to solve critical challenges, optimise operations, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.

The market opportunity ahead for RedGrid

RedGrid sees a vast market opportunity ahead as we stand at the forefront of the energy industry's transformation. With our commitment to responsible AI and creative problem-solving, we are well-positioned to help energy providers navigate the complex landscape of energy transition, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient future for all.

Why RedGrid is a great place to work

RedGrid is not just a workplace; it's a creative powerhouse where innovation thrives. Our team lives and breathes emerging technology and innovation, offering the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of GEN AI use cases.

We're deeply rooted in our community, driven by a shared vision of democratizing energy systems, and our human-centered design approach ensures that every team member contributes meaningfully to solving real-world problems with passion and purpose.

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