Saluda Medical


A Smarter Way to Treat Neurological Disorders

Saluda Medical is a global company revolutionizing the field of neuromodulation with an emerging portfolio of therapies driven by advanced closed-loop technologies designed to treat debilitating neurological disorders.

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Snapshot of Saluda Medical

Saluda Medical's mission is to transform patients' lives with disruptive neuromodulation solutions. Leveraging over a decade of pioneering research in neuromodulation and a commitment to patients, we are the first to directly measure the spinal cord's physiologic response to stimulation, using Evoked Compound Action Potentials (ECAPs) to pioneer smart neuromodulation therapy.

The market opportunity ahead for Saluda Medical

By challenging conventional approaches through disruptive technologies, investing in leading clinical evidence, and conducting new research into neurological diseases and disorders with the greatest unmet needs, we are poised to make enduring advancements in the field of neuromodulation.

Why Saluda Medical is a great place to work

We live by our core values of innovation, collaboration, and patient-centeredness. Our team loves science and thrives on inventing groundbreaking solutions.

We work together, ask "how can we," and are dedicated to improving patients' lives. With comprehensive benefits, a commitment to integrity, and a focus on long-term success, Saluda offers an inspiring environment where you can challenge the conventional and make a real difference in healthcare.

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