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Secure Code Learning for Today's Developer

Secure Code Warrior builds a culture of security-driven developers by giving them the skills to code securely.

Our flagship Learning Platform delivers relevant skills-based pathways, hands-on missions, and contextual tools for developers to rapidly learn, build, and apply their skills to write secure code at speed.

Secure Code Warrior has become a critical component for over 450 enterprises including leading financial services, retail and global technology companies across the world.

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Cyber Security
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Series B

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  • Respect

    We thrive on diversity of religion, race, gender, diet or community. We embrace each other's strengths. We grow and develop as a company.

  • Strength

    We celebrate the success of others. We are all in when a decision is made. We succeed together.

  • Heart

    We care and give back to our customers, our families, our communities, and our planet. We do not waste

  • Tenacious

    We meet our customers’ challenges. Their success is our success. We rise to the challenge and persist in the face of obstacles.

  • Courage

    We openly share our feedback without fear, we speak up when we feel passionate. We share our knowledge, skills and experience. We listen with an open mind to all ideas and viewpoints.

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