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Our mission is to democratise investing for the everyday investor by providing complex financial data in a simplified format at an affordable price.

Previously, this level of data was out of reach from both the price perspective and investing literacy ability.

It is our mission to empower investors to make informed decisions, just like Warren Buffet.

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  • Become the master of your craft

    Be the best at what you do, go beyond expectations and savour the detail. Accept & give feedback to constantly learn and improve.

  • Fall in love with the problem

    Become obsessed with the problem, go deep and then go deeper again. Understand the fundamentals & the why never stop learning about it.

  • Enjoy the ride

    We spend a big portion of our lives at work, so enjoy the journey! Be respectful and compassionate of other people and their ideas.

  • Dream big, ship small, learn fast

    Everything is possible, but you have to start small. The faster you ship, the faster you’ll fail, the faster you’ll learn and the faster you’ll succeed.

  • Dig deep to find the gem

    Within all the detail, within all the chaos & noise is a simple solution to any problem. It won’t be easy, you have to persevere & get your hands dirty to find it.

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