Smart Reciepts, Instantly Sent To Your Banking App

Slyp instantly delivers an interactive smart receipt inside a customer’s banking app, improving the post-purchase experience for customers, and unlocking new value for retailers and banks.

Slyp was born out of the frustration that traditional paper receipts are painfully inconvenient for customers, a missed opportunity for retailers, and bad for the environment.

Slyp’s solution offers game-changing opportunities for retailers and banks.

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Series A

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Snapshot of Slyp

At Slyp, our mission is to revolutionize the world of retail by eliminating paper receipts and delivering the Slyp Smart Receipt directly to your bank app. We're committed to creating a seamless, eco-friendly customer experience that benefits both consumers and retailers.

The market opportunity ahead for Slyp

Traditional paper receipts are not only environmentally unfriendly but also offer little value to customers and businesses. With the support of strategic partnerships with major banks like NAB, CBA, Westpac, and ANZ, Slyp is poised to transform the retail landscape in Australia and beyond, making smart receipts accessible to millions and setting new standards in customer convenience.

Why Slyp is a great place to work:

Slyp isn't just a workplace; it's a dynamic and innovative community of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact. We're backed by all four major banks in Australia and have received numerous awards, including Fintech Start-up of the Year and Best Fintech-Bank Collaboration.

At Slyp, we value inclusivity, teamwork, and personal growth. We offer competitive salaries, equity opportunities, wellbeing perks, and a flexible work environment, including the option to work from anywhere in the world.

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