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Onwards is upwards

Swoop Aero is the only end-to-end drone logistics platform on the planet. We unlock the potential of the sky, for the good of us all. Currently we serve over 4.5 million people in 6 continents. By 2030, our reach will extend to 1 billion.

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Funding stage
Series B

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Snapshot of Swoop Aero

At Swoop Aero, our mission is to transform the way the world moves by deploying drone networks that revolutionize the delivery of essential supplies and services.

The market opportunity ahead for Swoop Aero

The market opportunity ahead for Swoop Aero is immense, with our goal to unlock the sky for 1 billion people by 2030, scaling up operations globally and creating new talent development opportunities.

Why Swoop Aero is a great place to work

Joining our team means collaborating with top engineers, tech specialists, and marketers to change millions of lives for the better. We're a diverse group of experts dedicated to making a real impact, and we're excited to welcome you aboard our journey of innovation and social impact.

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