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Thematic is the fastest and most reliable way to gain deep insights from customer feedback into what drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. We source feedback from any channel, analyse it and create insights reports which are easily shared through dashboards, email digests and presentations.

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Snapshot of Thematic

Our mission is to empower everyone in a company to get actionable insights from feedback at the right time, in the right way.

The market opportunity ahead for Thematic

Our innovative AI tech has already been recognized by most sophisticated enterprise companies such as LinkedIn, DoorDash and Atlassian. We are in the scale up stage of Thematic, investing heavily into brand and sales.

Our product remains a key priority. We were the first in the market to launch GPT-powered features, and this year we also launched ChatGPT-style question answering for internal feedback.

Why Thematic is a great place to work

There are not many companies lead by technical women founders. We are unique in that our CEO has a PhD in AI with research cited by 3500 people. In order to successfully commercialize complex research, Thematic needed a strong focus on customer needs.

In fact, our team collaborates with our customers and one of them joined us early on after seeing the potential for the technology. Our fully-remote team lives by our TACO values - Transparency, Ambition, Collaboration and Ownership. These are also reflected in our product.

Working with us


  • Transparency

    Our strategy is clear, our results are shared, and people are accessible.

  • Ambition

    We aim high, commit to intelligent growth and to finding the best solutions for our customers.

  • Collaboration

    We share our knowledge, ideas and energy to achieve our goals and celebrate success together.

  • Ownership

    We take ownership of our contribution towards company goals. We find a solution when we see a need.

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