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Snapshot of Up

At Up, our mission is to feed into prosperity, not off of it. We believe in reimagining banking to make money easy for all Australians, offering innovative solutions, and fostering a better relationship with finances through empathy and compassion.

The market opportunity ahead for Up

The market opportunity ahead for Up is immense, as we continue to grow rapidly and provide over 725,000 customers with fee-free accounts, goal-oriented savings tools, and seamless bill-splitting features. With a commitment to ethical investments and a genuine dedication to our community, we're set to revolutionise the digital banking experience in Australia and beyond.

Why Up is a great place to work

Up is a great place to work because we combine the agility of a small company with the resources of a large institution like Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. Our passionate team of engineers, designers, and dreamers collaborate closely, fostering a family-like atmosphere.

We're committed to financial literacy, honesty, and openness, and our public product roadmap, the Tree of Up, reflects our dedication to continuous growth and innovation.

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