Rethinking Whats's Possible With Vaccines

Vaxxas is commercializing novel technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing and next-generation vaccines.

The company believes its innovative needle-free technology will be fundamental to help the world in rethinking what's possible with vaccines.

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Working with us


  • Make a Difference

    We believe in the end goal and always give 100%. We are passionate, resilient and not afraid to try. We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.

  • Lead the Way

    We are always one step ahead, driving forward and continually evolving to be the best. Our edge comes from our knowledge and learning, being adaptable to our environment and always seeking to improve. We are inquisitive, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial.

  • Combined Success

    At Vaxxas we are a collaborative community of employees, partners and customers working together to create a healthier world. Our strength comes from our diverse skills and experience and how we 'combine' to overcome challenges. Success comes from trusting and supporting each other to deliver.

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