Vertus Energy


Delivering energy justice for all

Vertus Energy is a leading industrial biotechnology start up that unlocks the true energy potential of waste streams. Our revolutionary Power to X platform controls the behaviour of electroactive bacteria to electro-synthesise high value chemicals from waste streams like organics and CO2.

Our flagship product, BRIO, delivers up to 60% more energy; 3 times faster from the same amount of waste by connecting to existing and new anaerobic digesters to turbocharge their performance.

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Funding stage

The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Vertus Energy

Our purpose is to Deliver Energy Justice for All. We want to achieve this by deploying BioEnergy Hubs globally to provide secure equitable access to clean energy by utilising their waste effectively.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for Vertus Energy

We are delivering customer pilot plants and deepening our knowledge to benefit our future customers. We are expanding to Europe to deliver in our core customer market while gathering intelligence to expand into nascent markets and transform their waste to energy plans.

Why Vertus Energy is a great place to work

We have a different approach to the structure of the company. We do not have traditional hierarchies and vertical decision making processes. We operate a flat agile structure where people have autonomy and are rewarded based on their impact and responsibility. All 4 founders come with different experience and expertise in crucial areas of the development required which provides us with a richness of decision making and action towards our common goal.

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