Collecting nature's best kept secrets

We're on a mission to make sustainable food both irresistible and available to billions of people. We create real and delicious meat from cells, instead of breeding and killing animals. Six weeks is all it takes from a handful of cells to plating the finished meal. It’s a logical and considerate alternative from which more people enjoy the highest quality meat.

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  • Act like the world depends on us.

    At Vow, we are working on one of the most urgent problems facing the planet. Replacing animal agriculture with a more sustainable way of making food is not optional. It is life or death. Vowzers overcome challenges together with unwavering optimism, drive, and ownership. We are biased to action.

  • Care deeply and be kind.

    Vowzers work collectively keeping kindness and compassion at the core of everything we do. We care deeply for our team, our customers, our world, and our future. We understand that progress will only occur when we invest in each other, share our skills and knowledge, listen, and lift up those around us.

  • Challenge everything (then prove it).

    Vow has been built on defying conventional wisdom, and challenging how things ‘should be done’. We’re not afraid to take risks, challenge convention, or colour outside the lines. We ask the question ‘why the f&*k not?’ then prove conventional wisdom wrong.

  • Blow up the bioreactor.

    Vow's impact is built on learning faster than anyone has ever learned before. We learn faster from our failures than successes. We take calculated risk, fail, learn and improve unreasonably quickly.

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