The Best Damn ID Verification Software In The World

Biometric ID scanning, document capture and data verification. APLYiD keeps you fully AML Compliant and protects your customers - and your business - from digital ID fraud.

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Snapshot of APLYiD

APLYiD's mission is to end digital crime and help people lead safer lives online.

The market opportunity ahead for APLYiD

APLYiD’s aim is to help reduce digital fraud and enable people to live safer lives online. In the world of ever-increasing digital transformation by organisations, this opens up new and innovative ways for fraudsters and criminals to use stolen identities to get access to products and services.

Organisations and governments globally are finding new ways of tackling this challenge, through technology and regulation, which provides ever-increasing opportunities for companies like APLYiD to make a major difference. Today we help solve this problem for people and organisations in NZ, Australia and the UK, but have aspirations to solve it globally.

Why APLYiD is a great place to work

Our team of highly-skilled individuals is made up of relationship managers, technologists, developers, salespeople, creatives and marketers across New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, with a sole mission of comradery and exceeding customer expectations.

Outside of deeply caring for our customers, and each other, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Not only are we 100% paperless, but we are always actively looking for ways to give back to the community while remaining forward-thinking in sustainability initiatives.

As a team, we spend time together volunteering for the likes of Eat My Lunch, running marathons (for those who dare) and enjoying social events and out of office activities. We understand if our relationship with each other is exceptional, our customers only reap the benefits and receive the best experience possible.

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