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AI/ML Feature as-a-Service platform

Arcanum have been passionate about making AI accessible and integrating it into businesses for over 7 years! We have seen the market go from finding it challenging to understand the need for AI, to completely enchanted by it over the last few months - and it is the most exciting time to be experts in this field.

For us, AI is not something we have just decided to add to our company as a tag on because it's cool now - it is truly what we live and breathe every day!

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Snapshot of Arcanum AI

Super powering workforces with AI assistants to complete those annoying, time-consuming & repetitive end-to-end tasks.

The market opportunity ahead for Arcanum

In Arcanum's near future, we will be continuing to up skill our finance, customer support, sustainability and HR AI assistants. We'll be continuing to push the limits to make AI as accessible as possible for mid-sized enterprises to integrate.

Why Arcanum is a great place to work

Arcanum celebrates innovation, individual thinking & unique personalities. We pride ourselves on being a diverse work environment, with people from many walks of life.

Working with us


  • Inclusivity over Elitism

  • Promises Met over Making Excuses

  • Open and Flexible over Fixed and Static

  • Authentic and Authoritative over Smoke and Mirrors

  • Compassionate Pragmatism over Enthusiastic Idealism

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