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AI/ML Feature as-a-Service platform

No-code platform for product owners to discover and test AI/ML product enhancements. One-click cloud deployment process that will delight DevOps.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Snapshot of Arcanum AI

Acranum AI's mission is to Unleash Awesome for Fintech Startups and help them to scale, simplify their processes, and provide an awesome experience to their customers. We do this by enabling them to integrate AI quickly and easily with our Accelerate AI Platform.

The market opportunity ahead for Acranum AI

We want to help as many companies as possible unleash their awesome using AI.

Why Acranum AI is a great place to work

Arcanum is a place that welcomes people from all walks of life and supports them to be as awesome as they can be. Arcanum values everyone's opinions and unique perspectives.

Diversity and inclusivity are important to us, and we currently have over 50% of our employees coming from non-kiwi backgrounds. We are consciously striving to improve our gender diversity being in a male-dominated industry.

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