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Unlocking regenerative healing for everybody

Aroa Biosurgery is a soft-tissue regeneration company that develops, manufactures and distributes medical and surgical products to improve healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction.

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Snapshot of Aroa Biosurgery

Aroa Biosurgery's mission is to unlock regenerative healing for everybody

The market opportunity ahead for Aroa Biosurgery

In the last year, AROA has obtained regulatory approval to sell its products in a further six countries. At the end of the financial year, AROA had regulatory approval to distribute and sell products in 49 countries globally, including the European Union and the United Kingdom.

We're focusing on increasing our presence in the US alongside expanding our product portfolio, both with line extensions to existing products and with the development of new products. We have one new technology at pre-clinical trials which our product development team will be accelerating this year which we're really excited about.

With our mission to make better healing available to everybody, our pricing remains 20-40% lower than competing biological products.

Why Aroa Biosurgery is a great place to work

At AROA we're all brought together by our shared purpose of making regenerative healing accessible to everybody. It's a pretty easy mission to buy into!

Our people are ambitious, passionate and driven to make a difference. The AROA team describe the culture as innovative, fast-paced, diverse and friendly. From our CFO running PT sessions to our monthly games night, our team enjoy coming together to have fun.

We have a focus on career development and making plenty of opportunities accessible to our people. AROA is flexible, supportive and is always aiming to improve the employee experience for our people.

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