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Founded in 2014, AskNicely is the Frontline Success platform pioneer, connecting the dots between employee experience, customer experience, and revenue growth for service businesses.

Our industry-leading mobile platform delivers personalized coaching and motivation for frontline workers powered by real-time customer feedback and eliminates the need for layers of middle management.

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Snapshot of AskNicely

AskNicely's mission is to make every customer experience awesome.

The market opportunity ahead for AskNicely

Frontline workers have the most impact on the customer experience AND make up 80% of the planet's working population yet they're under-served, under-appreciated and underpaid. It's kinda crazy. We also think they're under-estimated which is why we've made it our mission to help make frontline work awesome.

There's a mix of software, science and psychology at work here that starts with a fundamental belief in the value of catching people doing things right (remember how you felt when you received a gold star at kindergarten?).

It’s about bringing more appreciation into the day for every frontline worker so they wake up each day knowing that what they do really matters - to their customers, their boss, their peers and the leaders of the company. And making sure they finish each day knowing they nailed it.

By closing that feedback loop, we give frontline workers purpose, we support their autonomy, and help them develop mastery over time as they're more likely to stay in their role. Frontline work starts to feel more awesome, the customer experiences more awesome and the business grows faster on a diet of happy customers and happy people. There's our "why", right there.

Why AskNicely is a great place to work

The core essence of AskNicely is "appreciation". It's what we stand for and a key principle that guides what we do each day. We appreciate different backgrounds, different contributions, different points of view and, most importantly, each other.

It's how we win, together. We check our egos at the door and approach our work with curiosity, because we don't have all the answers and we learn fastest together, celebrating our wins along the way.

We're living the same philosophy inside AskNicely as we build our "experience-first" culture where work isn't defined by where you do it (remote, office, hybrid etc) but by the experiences you have doing it.

Working with us


  • Play to WIN

    Bring your "A" game. We have high standards but always favour speed over perfection.

  • Love your FEEDBACK

    Ask for feedback from others to improve your game. Share yours to help them improve theirs.

  • Be NICE

    We believe a great business can be built by nice people who are nice to each other.

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