Retail Crime Intelligence Platform

Auror works to keep our communities safe. We’re doing that by transforming the way retailers report crime, the way police engage with retail crime; and together how they prevent it.

Our platform, used by the largest retailers in the world, enables frontline staff to easily report crime, and identify and link previous offences. We’ve digitised a relationship between police and community, driving collaboration to help solve crime.

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Snapshot of Auror

Auror works to keep our communities safe. We’re doing that by transforming the way retailers report crime, the way police engage with retail crime; and together how they prevent it.

Auror is connecting people and intelligence to reduce crime. We’re using technology for good.

The market opportunity ahead for Auror

We’ve created a retail crime intelligence platform designed to prevent retail crime, a $150b problem globally, through digitising the relationship between police and the community. We’re reducing losses, keeping staff and customers safe, and we’re working with the best people to ensure our product continues to deliver for our customers globally.

We have a very established customer base across Australia and New Zealand and are rapidly scaling in North America, Canada and the UK bringing on some of the biggest and best retailers around the world. We proudly call the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, one of our customers.

In terms of the horizon, we are focused on continued expansion and ongoing upselling into current markets and bringing on more retail partners across ANZ, North America and the UK.

Why Auror is a great place to work

At Auror, our aspiration is to be the best place to work. Where everyone gets to do work they love, playing to their strengths every day, and doing so alongside a talented, diverse team who really care for, and respect one another.

We have a culture of seeking the perspectives of others to help us both solve problems and make the best impact. We’re working hard on building a culture of sharing our unique perspectives that can not only benefit our team, but also the communities we’re in. In 2023 Auror was placed in the AFR Top 10 Best Tech Workplaces in ANZ.

Here are some examples of how we do this:

Guiding Principles - Every great company has a set of core values and beliefs that align and inspire people. At Auror our Guiding Principles are a huge part of how we work with one another and our customers - and they’re used everyday, not just pithy statements that go on the wall.

Clarity & Transparency - A core component of a great culture is a strong, deliberate strategy that everyone understands. We have a ‘default open’ approach to communication. We believe that when individuals take responsibility for sharing context we are setting our team mates up for success and we have a stronger ability to better support our customers. This also reduces the risk of silos and politics. Our team knows the financial position of Auror which enables better decision making on how we invest and grow. Transparency is a driver of inclusion which has positive benefits on our Diversity.

DEI - Is a priority at Auror. Being representative of the communities our product impacts is critical for our success. With a score of 4.3 out of 5 in our recent DEI Survey it is clear that we are on the right track and our demographics are further evidence of this. We are now 54% Women & Gender-diverse and 41% of our team are non-white. We also hold Listening Circles for under-represented groups which will enable us to further understand the experiences of those who are under-represented at Auror.

Wellbeing - We demonstrate a genuine care and commitment for the physical and mental wellbeing of our team - enabling them to be at their best and do their best work. Our approach is proactive and preventative. In 2021 we launched our Digital EAP and moved to 10 Wellness Days. In 2022 we launched Shorter Work Weeks, starting the weekend early on a Friday but at 100% pay.

Career Development - We want everyone at Auror to know what their career could look like with us. We run Best Self Reviews every 6 months which highlights the impact someone wants to make and has a focus on Strengths. We have implemented CliftonStrengths so everyone knows their Top 5 strengths and how to utilise these in their roles. We spend 50% of our Learning and Development Investment on group learning, and in the last 12 months have run workshops on Ally Skills and Mastering Feedback, with Dr Jeff Smith a renowned psychologist, inventor and writer from the US. The content from these workshops are now included in our onboarding process so every new Auror can gain these skills.

Working with us


  • Together as One

    We are connected, aligned, informed, open minded, and always do what's best for each other and our community.

  • Be the Force for Better

    We take responsibility for elevating ourselves, our peers, our community, and Auror to a place we're proud of, every day.

  • We Measure by Impact

    Our choices are defined by the impact they achieve.

  • Magic Moments Matter

    We create, harness, and celebrate the impact of magic, no matter how small.

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