Financial education made easy for schools

Banqer is on a mission to prepare the next generation for their financial future.

We believe that everyone should have access to a quality, engaging, effective financial education that sets them up for financial success - whatever that means to them.

We started with a vision to teach one student about money (our co-founders' little brother), and since then we’ve helped financially educate over 300,000 students.

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Snapshot of Banqer

Through simulative online experiences and learning resources, we empower students with knowledge and experience to manage their money in the real world.

The market opportunity ahead for Banqer

We are growing! We are developing new products for current and new verticals so we can help even more people develop their financial literacy and empower their futures.

Why Banqer is a great place to work

We like cake. No seriously. Working at Banqer has many perks, and birthday cake is one of them. But more importantly, we get to put our professional skills and efforts behind a mission that helps people grow their financial literacy through relevant and engaging education.

Working with us


  • Better Together

    We know that when we’re well, and our team’s well, we create space for magic.

  • Useful Contribution

    Serving others is at the heart of everything, and we do it in a grounded way.

  • Continuous Growth

    We want to change the world, and this means constantly striving for better.

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