Public revenue systems

Our goal is to transform public revenue agencies around the world using our technology.

Our clients are government tax departments in the Pacific, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. We believe that by helping them on their journey towards a fair and transparent tax administration we empower them to realise their full potential and transform their economies to raise their people’s standard of living.

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  • Ingenuity

    Our can-do approach and drive to look at the world in a different way sets us apart. By constantly challenging and questioning what we see, we continually seek to improve what we do and how we do it for the benefit of all.

  • Focus

    We believe that excellence and quality are achieved through focusing on what is required. By applying our expertise to pinpoint what is needed we create leading, fit for purpose solutions that consistently do what they are designed to do.

  • Together

    We value the contributions of each other, our partners and those we work with around the world. By listening, being transparent and open-minded, we build genuine, long-lasting and valuable relationships based on truth, respect and understanding.

  • Determination

    We try harder. We strive always to do our best and ensure that every effort we make is our best effort. We recognise that by going out of our way to respond to the needs of others, we are rewarded with mutual success.

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