AI voice assistant for industry

Datch is an intelligent voice AI for industrial environments. It uses conversations to solve business process constraints, such as time spent on work orders, logging information, and solving problems during equipment breakdowns.

Datch's voice-visual interface allows staff to capture high-quality, real-time knowledge data, recording live sequence-of-events in granular detail and resulting in improved root cause analysis, informed purchasing decisions, and data-driven business intelligence.

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Snapshot of Datch

Datch is on a mission to create the world's first Voice AI for industry.

The market opportunity ahead for Datch

Start small dream big. We're a startup with roots in Silicon Valley, but our team spans the globe with offices in New Zealand, UK, and USA.

We're backed by leading VCs and Fortune 500 companies, and as noted by the World Economic Forum, our mission is clear: to redefine the technology landscape through voice technology to improve how we live and work.

Why Datch is a great place to work

Our team is full of entrepreneurial and collaborative teammates who love solving hard problems while bringing their own unique perspectives to the table. We value team ownership, diversity of thought/background and celebrate constructive conflict as a mechanism for discovering the best product/design choices.

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