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Excellent is building employee first technology, is the worlds first global community for EX leaders and offers the worlds first certification for EX Designers.

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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Excellent

To transform the worlds experience of work.

The market opportunity ahead for Excellent

We are excited to be building and launching employee first technology to power EX Designers around the world.

Why Excellent is a great place to work

At Excellent, we love what we do, and are obsessed with the difference great EX has on individuals and organiations. We prioritise the human-centered design of our workplace.

We're remote-first, embrace flexible schedules, and encourage asynchronous collaboration across time zones. Our co-CEOs are not first time founders and know the importance of achieving success while maintaining a fulfilling personal life - family always comes first! Our culture is built on generous and direct communication, community, and open-mindedness.

We have a lot of fun while maintaining professionalism. Everyone at Excellent takes radical responsibility and delivers on their role with an Excellent effort every day.

Working with us


  • Employee First

    At Excellent, employees come first. They drive great customer outcomes. By delivering excellent employee experiences, we improve customer experiences. This value is critical for our team and as we grow, we prioritise our employees above all. We build to serve employees first.

  • Excellent Effort

    We have a relentless commitment to excellence in everything we do. It's about giving our absolute best effort and taking pride in our work, regardless of the outcome. We understand that outcomes are not always within our control, but we believe that putting in an excellent effort sets the foundation for success.

  • All the Ways

    We foster an intellectual and collaborative culture where ideas are valued and explored. In the "All the Ways" approach, we encourage open-mindedness and a broad perspective. We zoom out to see the full spectrum of possibilities, carefully evaluate each option without attachment, and make decisions based on data and logic. We remain adaptable and willing to evolve our positions based on new information.

  • Generous With

    Generosity is at the core of our values. We believe in abundance and operate with the mindset that there is more than enough for everyone. By setting strong personal boundaries, we can be generous with ourselves, our teammates, our customers, and our time. We approach interactions with care and offer generous interpretations, fostering a culture of support, collaboration, and abundance.

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