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Smart job software for trades and service businesses

Fergus is a 100% kiwi-owned tech company that builds awesome job management software. We're helping tradespeople around the world manage their businesses in a much smarter way.

Fergus is the operational backbone of a trades business, taking care of the day-to-day and providing complete clarity and control. We’re giving business owners and managers the time and insight they need for the business to grow and succeed.

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Series B


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Snapshot of Fergus Software

Fergus is on a mission to become the world's most loved SaaS platform for tradies.

The market opportunity ahead for Fergus

We are an established business with a very clear strategic plan. It is an exciting time for us as we scale up and expand our global markets.

Why Fergus is a great place to work

Fergus has a very inclusive and collaborative culture and we are united in our goal of really making a difference to our customers. We are super supportive of flexible working arrangements and offer competitive remuneration and great benefits such as paid parental leave, additional wellbeing leave and professional development.

Working with us


  • Integrity

    We believe in honesty and transparency. We are brave and do what is right.

  • Aim High

    We are constantly curious and hungry, we embrace every challenge with speed and agility.

  • Simplicity

    We avoid unnecessary complexity and identify elegant solutions to problems.

  • Customer First

    We operate with an acute customer focus to make their lives better.

  • One Team

    We operate as one team with a united front while still having robust debate.

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