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FileInvite transforms the way companies collect information from their clients – from a pain-in-the-neck experience for all parties involved, to one that is simple, fast and secure. With FileInvite, your days of having to chase your clients for documents are behind you.

Simplifying the doument colection process by providing our customers with simple and effective tools to collect business-critical data and and often times sensitive information, FileInvite uses best-in-class cloud-based services and encrypted client portal technology.

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Snapshot of FileInvite

FileInvite's vision is to become the Global Standard for Requesting Information. Built to improve lives, we empower our customers to request and collect information quickly and securely via our seamless online platform.

The market opportunity ahead for FileInvite

This is an exciting time for FileInvite. We opened our US headquarters in Denver, Colorado two years ago, and have since gained so much momentum in North America.

During that time we’ve seen demand for privacy and cybersecurity grow from groundswell to tidal wave, so we’ll be spending our next year riding that wave, whilst delivering on exciting new product developments that we know the market will appreciate.

Why FileInvite is a great place to work

"You grow great companies by growing great people” is the favourite quote of FileInvite’s CEO, James Sampson. And that is reflected in all aspects of the organisation, focusing on high growth not only in terms of revenue and our products, but in terms of our people as well.

We accomplish this by prioritising professional growth, career development opportunities, and employee wellness. These can be seen in our individualised training plans, prioritisation of internal promotions over external hires, paid wellness days, regular leadership and training workshops, and so much more.

FileInvite’s people-focused workplace is built on supporting each other and doing our best work. With a culture that has been described as a balance of ‘High Empathy and High Performance (with Dad Jokes),’ FileInvite is truly one of the most rewarding places to work.

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    "People Matter"

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    "Take the high road"

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    "Make it Better"

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    "Take Ownership"

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    "Done is better than Perfect"

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