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Delivering Where 3D Printing Can't

Real Parts. Now Possible. Cast production metal parts in hours, not weeks. In-house.

The The Foundry Lab System allows users to cast on-demand production quality metal parts at a fraction of the cost, time, and climate impact of a traditional foundry.

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Snapshot of Foundry Lab

The Foundry Lab system allows you to go from a CAD file to cast part in under 8 hours, revolutionising the way metal parts are made – create quicker, cheaper real metal castings in hours using clean technology.

The market opportunity ahead for Foundtry Lab

Foundry Lab continues to develop their state of the art Digital Metal Casting system, with Gen 2 currently available to early adopters.

Foundry Lab has recently opened its first US base, a demonstration center based in Fremont, California. This gives potential customers the opportunity to see first hand how the revolutionary process works and how it may improve their current casting process.

Why Foundry Lab is a great place to work

Our vibrant company culture embraces flexibility, inclusivity, and open communication. We prioritize work-life balance, host team-building activities, and encourage personal growth. Diversity is celebrated, transparency is valued, and recognition is abundant.

Working with us


  • Be Real

    Authenticity is at our core. We believe in our tech and know where we are going. We are more than just real parts; we are really great thinkers.

  • Deliver

    We love to wow our customers and our crew and this ethos trickles down into how we work as a team.

  • Empower Others

    We believe our technology helps empower and enable the best and brightest in the manufacturing industry. We love bringing this into the way we work, challenging ideas with the goal to grow and learn together.

  • Stay Human

    In our industry it is easy to find yourself deep in the technology. We focus on remaining human and keeping this at the forefront of our minds when designing.

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