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In New Zealand, we love property, but we can be less enthusiastic about maintaining it. Poorly maintained buildings mean more frequent replacements. That means a lot of wasted concrete & steel, and that’s a huge amount of embodied carbon that we’re also wasting.

We’re helping make their lives easier, building a control centre for property operations: dealing with all the contractors, tenants, assets, and maintenance schedules in a complex facility such as a food processing plant or a school. In doing so, we’re helping them save money in the long run, and helping them save the planet.

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Snapshot of Frankie

Frankie's mission is maintenance made easy.

The market opportunity ahead for Frankie

To become a global PropTech player helping networks of Property Managers to maintain our cities and extend the life of key building products.

Why Frankie is a great place to work

We challenge ourselves and succeed as a team. We seek and create environments for creative and technology minds to think about how to manage property at scale.

Site visits to clients are standard. Get ready to don a high vis vest and safety goggles.

Working with us


  • Trust & Respect

    We do what’s right, and we don’t take shortcuts

  • Make Magic

    We are bold in our mission to help you manage buildings and works better than ever before

  • Teamwork = Dream work

    We respect our customers, our teammates and the natural world

  • Have Fun

    We “collaborate and listen” and love to have a good laugh

  • Keep it simple

    We keep it simple, but new

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