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Fuel50 is the AI-powered opportunity marketplace that delivers internal talent agility and workforce reskilling. Combined with deep AI personalization, Fuel50 mobilizes organisation’s talent. Our Ethical AI matches people to opportunities in real-time, automatically maps your talent architecture, and provides deep data insights for predictive talent and workforce planning.

Over 70 organizations using Fuel50 saw immediate impact since deploying Fuel50, with up to 65% increase in lateral movement, 35% increase in internal recruitment, and 60% reduction in employee churn.

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Snapshot of Fuel50

Fuel50's mission is to unlock talent and potential in people.

The market opportunity ahead for Fuel50

Fuel50 already has a reputation for revolutionising career experiences across the globe and working with major brands all over the world. But our solution has long been targeted at enterprise organizations with FTE of 10,000+.

Why Fuel50 is a great place to work

Fuel50 is immensely proud of our strong team culture, where our “Fuellies” (people) come first. Our vision and values are inclusive and transparent and built upon quarterly business objectives that drive our growth, encourage goal setting, and celebrate milestones every step of the way.

Our business values are an important foundation for everything we do and are lived by all our people every day. We pride ourselves in creating a Fun, Fantastic, Fair culture for our Fuellies that enables them to be the best they can be.

84% of our People say - At Fuel50 our values are important.

We place a big focus on personal values, strengths, talents and what employees ENJOY doing, helping Fuellies find greater fulfilment in their work and increasing career satisfaction.

Our female co-Founders are role models for our people and those externally as examples of female entrepreneurs, technology innovators and executive leaders, showing that anything is possible.

We introduced a generous Parental Leave policy on top of the government statutory requirements that can be accessed by primary or secondary caregivers, as well as additional leave and additional sick leave to ensure our parents can continue to contribute while balancing the commitments to their families.

All of this has contributed to 80% of our people agreeing that Fuel50 is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.

Working with us


  • Flex​

    Stay agile, pivot and be responsive to changing business priorities.

  • Work Smarter​

    Simplify and look for efficiency gains.​

  • Team Play​

    Back each other up and make the workplace better.​

  • Execute with Excellence

    Focus on excellence with simplicity, always.​

  • Own it​

    Think like a business owner and follow through.

  • Think Beyond​

    Think bigger – how will it impact our customers, colleagues and business goal attainment?​

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