Turn Your Invoices Into Cash

At FundTap we are all about solving our client’s cash flow needs so their businesses can grow and thrive.

We are a rapidly growing FinTech platform providing an on-demand finance solution for the underserved small business market. We are in the business of enabling small businesses to grow and thrive.

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Snapshot of FundTap

FundTap's mission is to turn traditional small business finance on its head.

The market opportunity ahead for FundTap

Over 90% of businesses are small businesses, but they have far fewer finance options, severely hindering their growth. This is an underserved market with a huge need. FundTap is rapidly growing at greater than 10% MoM.

In addition to this existing growth in the NZ and AU market, we have exciting partnership opportunities and targeted entry into large international markets to supercharge growth and grab this incredible opportunity.

Why FundTap is a great place to work

We value People, Time, Innovation and Integrity.

We are here to build people, both our team and our customers. We strive to engage and grow our people so they can achieve their best.

We place a huge value on time. We will continuously innovate and tirelessly tweak to ensure our people and customers are never wasting their precious time.

We will never compromise our integrity.

Working with us


  • We value time

    We hate paperwork, needless work, and boring tasks. We value people’s time. We will continually question the status quo in search of the most efficient, simplest ways of doing things to get the best results.

  • We never compromise our integrity

    We will not compromise our integrity, ever. We do this by being open, transparent, and honest in all we do.

  • We continually innovate

    Continual innovation is at our core. We embrace experimentation and learn from doing. We abhor poor performance but distinguish this from failure, a critical part of the journey to success.

  • We back people

    Our reason for being is people. We strive to understand the needs of our people, the small businesses we work with, and the people behind them. We help them grow.

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