Turn Your Invoices Into Cash

At FundTap we are all about solving our client’s cash flow needs so their businesses can grow and thrive.

We are a rapidly growing FinTech platform providing an on-demand finance solution for the underserved small business market. We are in the business of enabling small businesses to grow and thrive.

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Snapshot of FundTap

Our Mission: To help small businesses with money when it helps the most.

The market opportunity ahead for FundTap

The coming year is set to be a transformative one for FundTap.

We're expanding our fintech solutions, improving our platform’s efficiency to offer even faster and more user-friendly invoice financing. Our focus is to make cash flow issues a thing of the past for these businesses. But what we're most excited about is the culture we're building; an environment of continuous learning, collaboration, and innovation.

We're always on the lookout for individuals who want to be part of this transformative journey, to help us reshape the fintech landscape and support the growth of businesses in our region.

Why FundTap is a great place to work

As a standout in New Zealand's fintech sector, FundTap offers an unmatched blend of growth, innovation, and impact.

We're a people-first fintech company, nurturing individual potential within a respectful, trust-centric environment.

Our team thrives on honesty, transparency, and mutual accountability. Here, innovation isn't just welcomed—it's celebrated, with opportunities to take calculated risks, experiment, and learn.

We're relentless in maximizing efficiency, championing swift decision-making, impactful work, and automating routine tasks. At FundTap, we believe in making every second count, for you and our customers.

Working with us


  • PEOPLE first

    We exist for people. Our goal: understand, empathise, and help our people and the small businesses we serve to flourish.

  • Unwavering INTEGRITY

    Our integrity is non-negotiable, characterised by honesty, transparency, and openness.

  • INNOVATION as a habit

    Innovation defines us. We experiment, take calculated risks, and learn.

  • TIME is treasured

    We loathe paperwork, unnecessary tasks, and monotony, constantly seeking efficiency through automation.

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