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Groov is all about feeling good and functioning well. We help workplaces drive a wellbeing first culture that is deeply embedded into the organisation.

We tackle that across three layers: at an organisational wellbeing level, a leadership wellbeing level, and an employee/individual wellbeing level. It’s a tailored programme called Embed. With an evidence-based approach, it focuses on action and behaviour change.

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Snapshot of Groov

Groov's mission is to improve the mental wellbeing of 100,000,000 people in workplaces all around the globe.

The market opportunity ahead for Groov

To achieve our mission of helping 100,000,000 people with their daily mental wellbeing, our ambitions are global. We are experiencing strong growth in our home market, New Zealand, and have customers now in Australia and the USA.

Why Groov is a great place to work

We offer meaningful and inspiring work, opportunities to learn and grow, and a caring, supportive, fun culture.

We promote an evidence-based, wellbeing-first culture internally and with our customers. We believe this is foundational to personal and company success. To us a wellbeing-first culture embraces diversity, fosters inclusiveness, nurtures a sense of belonging, and offers flexible work options. We aim to not only practice what we preach, but lead the way in employee wellbeing.

We have a world-class leadership team, who are experts in their fields and who consistently demonstrate vulnerability, openness, and care for others. This nurtures trust and confidence and builds psychological safety across our team.

We offer a range of benefits that help our people find and stay in their groov, including Groov Days, learning allowance, new parent support, and stock options.

We have adopted a hybrid, flexible approach to work and each team defines practices and rituals that work for them and support people to thrive, both inside and outside of work. We support fully-remote working for some roles and people.

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