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We are on a mission to help 100 million people with their daily mental wellbeing and save 100,000 lives. We do this by helping organisations, leaders and individuals find their Groov with their daily wellbeing. Our work transforms cultures and enables individuals and businesses to thrive.

We strive to lead the way internally, driving new ways of working, fostering a culture of psychological safety and wellbeing, and waving goodbye to outdated badges of honour around workload and busy-ness.

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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Groov

To help 100 million people improve their daily mental wellbeing and save 100,000 lives.

The market opportunity ahead for Groov To achieve our company mission of impacting 100M people we need to grow beyond New Zealand and Australia. We are working towards the first step of that growth by opening in new markets during 2023 with our biggest marketing campaign to date. We believe with this launch the Groov brand will become synonymous with people looking after themselves, feeling good, and functioning well.

Why Groov is a great place to work

Groov is a very human first company, we like to have fun, be inspired as well as work alongside and collaborate with talented, supportive and caring people.

We're all purpose led people who are passionate about transforming workplace cultures and embedding wellbeing as the default way of working and to positively impact the daily mental health of our customers and their people, our colleagues, and ourselves. It's easy to see wellbeing is in our DNA. It’s deeply embedded in what we do and how we do it.

Some of the things that make it awesome work at Groov are “Groov Days” (company-wide days off), flexible working and comprehensive mental health support to our people.

Working with us


  • Walk Our Talk

    We weave our 6 pillars into our days and practice vulnerability and nurture a culture of psychological safety.

  • Do what you said you’d do

    We hold ourselves and each other accountable and prioritise, focus and maintain healthy boundaries so we can do our best work.

  • Amplify Others

    We intentionally help others grow and be the best them they can be. We’re curious and we value the unique strengths we each bring.

  • Agree to disagree & commit

    We aim to get it right, not be right - we’re open-minded and we listen. We share our views and respectful challenge ideas when we disagree.

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