The Best and Easiest Orchard Management App

Hectre are creating award-winning orchard technologies fruit growers and packers around the world love to use.

The Hectre app, which provides digitization of orchards and computer vision early fruit sizing, is now used by customers in 11 countries, including Washington fruit giants, Borton Fruit and Washington Fruit & Produce.

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Snapshot of Hectre

Hectre's mission is to empower fruit growers and packers across the globe, with the world's simplest to use orchard technologies.

The market opportunity ahead for Hectre

With more than 37 million hectares of fruit production occurring across the globe, the market opportunity for Hectre is growing year on year, as the global population increases and the value placed on healthy food grows.

As winners in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards, Hectre is already positioned to become a leader in fruit tech.

Becoming central to orchard operations and the ecosystem that supports the success of fruit growers is a cornerstone strategy of Hectre's. Having already broken into the valuable US and Chilean markets, Hectre are well on their way to building a fantastic reputation and strong and influential client base.

Why Hectre is a great place to work

We Value Our People

At Hectre, our people are everything to us. They work with Hectre's growers to identify their needs. They build the tech to solve those needs. They support Hectre's customers to get the most out of our tech.

Our tech may be fantastic, but it's our people who are behind everything.

The culture at Hectre centres on collaboration, empowerment and kindness. We care about each other and we are not too cool to say it. We want to be successful as individuals and as a company, but we are really focused on supporting each other to be successful. This brings the magic.


With more than 15 nationalities represented in our team, we value diversity and we recognise and celebrate the benefits of "difference".

Career Progression

As we're a startup on a steep growth trajectory, our team and the opportunities within it, are always growing. Many of our team who came in on junior roles are already receiving career progression opportunities.

Working with us


  • Integrity

    What do you do when no one is looking? Our teams act with integrity, respect and honesty. Mistakes are ok, just own them and learn.

  • Simplicity Commitment

    We are committed to delivering simplicity to our customers. We strive to make positive differences in our customer's bottom lines and their lives.

  • Quality Innovation

    We are curious and pursue innovation to develop outstanding products that deliver premium value to our customers.

  • Collaboration

    We believe in the power of working together. Together we are stronger and can deliver more success. Egos get left at the door.

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