Where people find mana/respect at work

Jobloads isn't your average job matching app. Think of Jobloads like a beehive - creating the right conditions for everyone to thrive in and around the hive.

Through our marketplace we give food and fibre producers access to a verified workforce, our workforce that finds mana/respect at work.

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Snapshot of Jobloads

Jobloads mission is to uphold the mana/respect – and power of people in the workplace, making every job experience tika/right. A belief that there’s dignity in every job is central to what we do.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for Jobloads

Labour shortages have been a long standing issue across primary sector industries globally, with a reliance on transitory and migrant labour.

Smart companies are adapting their hiring strategies by managing their labour costs and being smarter about how they find and keep their flexible workforce engaged. The future where there’s dignity in every job requires a centralised solution that benefits all participants. Jobloads is positioning themselves to lead that change.

Diversity and Inclusion at Jobloads

The team at Jobloads wants to see more women, Māori youth, and other ethnic minority groups working in technology.

One of the initiatives they have put in place is partnering with Te Puni Kōkiri to deliver their Cadetship programme within the business. The programme helps Jobloads support the development, mentorship, training, and growth of permanent Māori staff into more senior roles within our business in the future.

80% of their senior leadership team is female, and over half our team are Māori. We continue to look at how we can set up our business to be more inclusive and diverse as we grow.

Working with us


  • Rangatiratanga - FAIR & WORKABLE FOR ALL

    We truly believe that Jobloads can lead global change for agriculture workers. We strive to put right the inequities that exist in the system and ensure fair and decent work for all

  • Tohungatanga - ADDING VALUE

    We are a people business and our mahi/work is all about the Customers and Jobstars we serve. Our actions speak louder than words and we are hyper focused on continuous improvement and enabling better work conditions through our efforts

  • Me Tipu Tahi Tātau - GROWING TOGETHER

    Our work pushes boundaries and makes us better people together. We grow by sharing our diversity of thought, we listen intently to each other, and we respect one another

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