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Kami is an interactive learning platform that helps teachers and students collaborate on digital documents and learning resources that can be personalised to individual needs and learning styles. Today Kami is used by over 32 million teachers and students in 180 countries.

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Snapshot of Kami

Kami is on a mission to build the future of education, making classrooms around the world more engaging, collaborative, and interactive in an effort to empower everyone to love learning.

The market opportunity ahead for Kami

With more than 1.5bn students across the globe who could benefit from innovative learning tools such as Kami, we have barely scratched the surface of this rapidly-growing market for next-generation EdTech solutions. Kami is relentless in its mission to help shape the future of education globally with a goal of 100 million users.

Why Kami is a great place to work

Kami has a harmonious team culture that’s continued to thrive since our inception —through fun and inclusive culture-building activities, such as hosting regular games nights (such as Dungeon & Dragons), team dinners, weekly paid lunches and celebrating each birthday and work anniversary for each team member.

This year, in celebration of Kami’s 9th birthday, we hosted an epic summer festival called Kamichella, packed with fire dances, a variety of food trucks, a champagne lounge, a cocktail/mocktail bar, glitter stations, face painting and more!

With the team coming from varied ethnic backgrounds, the leadership team believes in celebrating and educating the team on the events and occasions that are meaningful to them. Some of the events that are celebrated annually include Matariki, Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, the end of Ramadan, Diwali, and Pride month. These events act as a platform for teams to feel included and share traditions with their colleagues.

Kami runs a flat business model and avoids middle management where possible. This team structure helps to keep the company transparent and collaborative, with all employees feeling as though they have visibility and input into how the business runs.

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  • Diversity

    Kami has made diversity a key part of its business from day one. The technology industry has a way to go in creating a fully diverse sector, and Kami has aimed to help promote this at an industry-wide level.

  • Transparency

    Kami’s flat business structure aims to keep business operations as transparent as possible, creating an open environment amongst employees and the leadership team.

  • Inclusion

    Kami is among the tools for teachers that allow for personalisation of courses to students’ individual needs and learning styles, which is especially helpful for special education classes.

  • User-first

    From day one, Kami prioritises continuous teacher feedback and ensures teachers are at the forefront of the business.

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