Helping Kiwis grow their money

Kernel is an index fund manager and investment platform, with financial products including the Kernel KiwiSaver Plan, a range of 19 index funds and a high-interest savings account.

We enable everyday Kiwis to build a low-cost, well diversified portfolio over the short, medium and long-term, in order to achieve their financial goals.

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Snapshot of Kernel

We’re passionate about creating a world where all Kiwis are wealthier, more financially literate, and good savings and investing behaviour is embedded for future generations.

The market opportunity ahead for Kernel

That's top secret. Join our company and you'll find out!

Why Kernel is a great place to work

It is a dynamic, youthful environment that embraces diversity and inclusion. Kernel cares about its employees. We offer flexibility to work the way that suits them, whether that be finishing work early to pick up the kids from school, working remotely or bringing their dog into the office for the day.

With benefits such as free health insurance, discounted financial plans or our 13-week parental leave top-up, we want our employees to not only have a great place to work but also have the financial tools and knowledge to succeed.

Working with us


  • Say It Like It Is

    We will always engage with our investors in a language they understand – never diluted and never in the small print.

  • Think Different

    Not all investors or our team are alike and we will empower them to express their individuality.

  • Think Together

    We encourage open and free sharing of opinions, so that everyone feels as though they can collaborate and contribute.

  • Never Stop Innovating

    An insatiable desire to understand the inner workings of things fosters an environment of continual thinking and problem solving.

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