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LearnCoach is an education technology startup that has a goal to help any student find their opportunity. We aim to leverage our data to identify ways students can reach their goals as quickly as possible.

Once a student is clear on their goal, we rally a community around the student, using our e-learning platform to unite tertiaries, schools and parents around the student.

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Snapshot of LearnCoach

LearnCoach's mission is to give students opportunities.

The market opportunity ahead for LearnCoach

The immediate opportunity is the chance to help everyday Kiwi kids navigate high school and tertiary study to reach their desired opportunities. This includes engaging with students, schools, tertiaries, parents and all other supporters to rally behind the LearnCoach pathway.

Once students in New Zealand are using LearnCoach to reach their goals, we should have the infrastructure and strategy to easily land and expand in the markets of most developed and developing countries in Asia-Pacific.

Why LearnCoach is a great place to work

LearnCoach is a great place to work because of the people who work there. Everyone lives the values of honesty with empathy and you can see this come through in day to day interactions. You always know exactly where you stand, people are open and honest about improvements - which supercharges your social and professional progress.

Additionally, the small tight-knit feel of the team allows you to know pretty much everyone. Management is flexible with hybrid work, appointments, family work hours, flexible starts and everything you need to work hard and play hard.

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