Visualise, expand, and communicate your research expertise.

We are scientists, engineers, and designers, determined to improve the experience of discovering scientific literature.

Litmaps is a tool that leverages the existence of the vast network of academic publications and their citations. Our intuitive visualisations of the citation network allows users to discover literature, and communicate findings easily, whilst the Litmaps platform is designed to facilitate teamwork; with collaborative and management features aimed at creating a central space for a team to effectively plan their research pathway.

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Snapshot of Litmaps

Litmaps' mission is to create the world's best research experience.

The market opportunity ahead for Litmaps'

We currently have over 100,000 scientists using Litmaps globally to find and store critical research papers for their R&D efforts. We are aiming to have any organisation that undertakes significant R&D, across the private and public sector, use Litmaps to save time and manage their research team's output.

Why Litmaps' is a great place to work

We have aimed to take the spirit of modern-day research, with its endless possibilities and right to roam and translate that spirit into a startup environment with its space, pace, and endless pursuit of ingenuity.

Many of our team come directly from an academic research background, and we aim to empower our team to keep that willingness to explore, whilst providing a tangible product that can help us ground ourselves in the real-world value we provide to the wider research community.

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