Price optimisation software that empowers rental vehicle operators

MarginFuel’s advanced forecasting technology empowers rental car operators to anticipate what’s happening in their market and make the smart decisions required to drive winning pricing strategies.

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Snapshot of MarginFuel

MarginFuel is on a mission to become the auto rental pricing and revenue management solution leader by enabling global car rental and mobility businesses to make smarter pricing decisions.

The market opportunity ahead for MarginFuel

We have established a very strong market presence in NZ and Australia over the past several years, and are currently making massive inroads into the European market.

Over the next five years, we expect to continue growing our presence globally to become the auto rental pricing solution leader. We have also begun branching out into wider mobility as a service (MaaS), which includes car-sharing and leasing, ride-hailing services, scooter rental, and basically any avenues that emerge in the rapidly growing mobility space.

There are opportunities in that market that no one has really capitalised on yet, and we see a clear pathway for MarginFuel to become the leader in that field.

Why is a great place to work MarginFuel

Our head office is based in Petone, Wellington, but the majority of our employees either work completely remotely from home or under a hybrid home/office method. This has freed us up to look beyond our local area to find the best talent and gives our people the flexibility to work however suits them best.

MarginFuel employees are also provided with fantastic development opportunities. We regularly give staff the chance to take charge of high-level projects and develop their skills on the job, with the support of the senior team.

Working with us


  • People First

    The values of our people and our customers are always at the front of our minds, and we have a personal approach to all of our engagements, internal and external.

  • Trust and Integrity

    We expect trust and integrity internally and externally, and value respect, honesty and transparency in all of ​our interactions.

  • Innovation, Automation and Digitalisation

    We are focused on the future and believe in putting cutting-edge technology in the hands of the right people to achieve the best outcomes for our customers​.

  • Partnership

    Our relationships with our customers are partnerships, and we work together to help them to achieve both their business goals​ and our own.

  • Scale and Growth

    We want to lead the world in RCM across car rental and mobility. Our team and systems are fully scalable, and we have large growth ambitions​.

  • Social Responsibility

    MarginFuel has supported the global car rental industry through the coronavirus pandemic with free analysis and insights to aid business and revenue management decision-making.

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