Price optimisation software that empowers rental vehicle operators

MarginFuel supplies global leading SaaS software to manage and optimise pricing for vehicle rental operators. MarginFuel uses innovative and proprietary technologies to help customers improve revenue by 5-10% and gross margin by >20%.

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Snapshot of MarginFuel

The market opportunity ahead for MarginFuel

MarginFuel is an established business in Asia Pacific, with a market share in Australia and New Zealand. Having entered the European market 18 months ago, we refreshed our European strategy in January 2023, and as such we have grown strongly during this time, growing our footprint from 20 cities to over 75.

Our intent over the coming 18-24 months is to continue to drive European growth, expanding to over 250 cities during this time, and as such we are establishing a Spanish base to support our European operations.

Alongside this, and in collaboration with our R&D partners Callaghan Innovation and the IRD, we remain at the forefront of technology in our field, with continued investment in our models using A.I. and ML technologies, our products with the ongoing release of new features, integrations with market-leading API's, and our architecture with the development of new and more efficient processes.

Why is a great place to work MarginFuel

  • Impactful Work: We work on solutions that solve complex problems and deliver real commercial returns for our customer.

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies: As a software development company, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

  • Empowerment and Autonomy: We provide our employees with the freedom to make meaningful changes to our architecture.

  • Supportive and Collaborative Team: Our teams work closely together, fostering knowledge sharing, mentorship, and mutual support. We value the contributions of every team member and encourage collaboration across departments.

  • Opportunities for Advancement: We believe in recognizing and promoting talent from within.

  • Flexible Hours: We understand that work-life balance is essential for our employee's well-being and productivity.

Working with us



    MarginFuel’s people are part of an exceptional global growth story, with opportunities to help drive our rapid expansion into the worldwide market. Our goal is to be the number 1 pricing optimisation and forecasting provider in the vehicle rental industry, delivering excellence in product and service.


    We have a close-knit team that promotes teamwork, communication, and ongoing development above everything else. Based in Petone but with staff around New Zealand and abroad, we use a hybrid working model that allows for full remote, in-office and everything in between. We operate with compassion and value continuous learning, diversity, and a fun working environment.


    At MarginFuel our customers come first. We have unified our mission with that of our customers, aiming to deliver a product that sets the global standard for revenue management. Our customers are MarginFuel advocates and are passionate about the product, and we endeavor to forge strong, long-term strategic partnerships.


    We strive to be market leaders in the vehicle rental pricing and revenue management space. Our solutions are shifting the market paradigm, with creative innovations that drive change for our customers.


    We are focused on delivering on our commitments on time, every time. We promote open, honest, and direct communications – both internally and with customers – with clarity, accountability, and ownership.

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