Interactive Musical Education App

Melodics is an app that helps users master the skills the world’s best musicians use to create the world’s greatest music. The app adapts to users' abilities and musical tastes to help them get better at keys, pad drumming and e-drums, faster.

The app is free to download and includes 60 free lessons that will help users to start building rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.

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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Melodics

We are creating a world that plays.

The market opportunity ahead for Melodics

Over 1 Billion people have had music lessons at some point in their lives. 90% give up within 4 months. Why? They don’t feel like they’re improving, so they give up on practice.

There are 285 million practising and aspiring musicians in the world. 100 million new musicians enter the market every year. But 90 million leave. Melodics customers stick with their practice 3x longer than traditional music education.

Why Melodics is a great place to work

Working in a positive, fast-moving, and motivating environment, solving interesting and meaningful problems around music and education.

We truly value innovation and growth and sponsor professional training and coaching.

We’re a friendly and smart team – we listen to each other’s ideas and give everyone a voice to influence and shape the future of Melodics.

We want you to work in the best way that you can and have a documented flexible working policy.

We have a documented Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, have taken our full team through an ally skills workshop, and have taken other meaningful actions in this area.

We value the wellbeing of our team – we have mental health and physical health First Aid-ers, we've replaced traditional 'sick leave' with uncapped wellness leave from day one of your employment, and offer free health insurance to employees.

Last, but not least, we have an array of musical instruments you can borrow and play! (And office jams)

Working with us


  • Everyone can play

    And the world’s much better for it.

  • Mondays are cool

    We actually really like coming to work.

  • Our own drum

    We’ve found a new way to play.

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