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MenuAid is a versatile meal planning platform catering to both B2C and B2B customers.

For B2C users, it offers a diverse recipe database, personalised recommendations, and smart shopping lists to simplify meal planning.

B2B customers benefit from MenuAid's insights and analytics capabilities, helping them understand consumer preferences and enhance their products.

With a focus on time-efficient, cost-effective, and family-friendly meals, MenuAid aims to streamline the meal planning process, inspire culinary creativity, and promote healthier eating habits for individuals and businesses alike.

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Snapshot of MenuAid

MenuAid’s mission is to provide a hyper-personalised and innovative experience that takes you from dinner inspiration to groceries being delivered in just 3 minutes.

The market opportunity ahead for MenuAid

We are in a period of hyper-growth and are rapidly building developing our core offering whilst exploring growth into new markets like Australia!

Why MenuAid is a great place to work

Culture is at the forefront of all of our decisions & we hire not on who is best for the role, but best for the company.

We are passionate about creating a workplace where people can feel empowered & proud of the work they're producing and the place they're working in.

Amongst the usual fantastic coffee, flexible working hours, and rich office banter, we have Koru Hour, Treat Thursday, a puzzle room, quarterly team days (think ziplining, blo-karting, sky's the limit!), fierce pictionary competitions & sometimes even Martinis at 10am...

Working with us


  • We Win or We Learn

    We encourage ambitious thinking and innovation while striving to be the best we can be. We take opportunities and risks and learn fast, together.

  • Change for the Better

    We must continuously improve, even if it is small incremental improvements while enabling MenuAiders to be better people through our recipes and the skills, knowledge, and delight we share with them.

  • We are strongest as a team

    Our team is fundamental to MenuAid's success and we value respect, trust, accountability, collaboration, and authenticity while working together.

  • Commitment to our Customers

    We are a customer-led technology platform that values and respects our customers and our community at its core.

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