Your menu planning & shopping list sidekick

MenuAid is a food technology platform that solves the “what’s for dinner?” dilemma with personalised recipes and a smart shopping list, to take care of the weekly shopping in just minutes.

Our vision is to build a platform that will not only take care of your weekly shopping experience but will be better and more efficient at this process than you are! MenuAid is going to become a globally renowned brand, solving everyone’s weekly “what am I eating?!” woes.

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  • We Win or We Learn

    We encourage ambitious thinking and innovation while striving to be the best we can be. We take opportunities and risks and learn fast, together.

  • Change for the Better

    We must continuously improve, even if it is small incremental improvements while enabling MenuAiders to be better people through our recipes and the skills, knowledge, and delight we share with them.

  • We are strongest as a team

    Our team is fundamental to MenuAid's success and we value respect, trust, accountability, collaboration, and authenticity while working together.

  • Commitment to our Customers

    We are a customer-led technology platform that values and respects our customers and our community at its core.

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