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Mint Innovation is the world’s first clean technology company that uses natural biomass and smart chemistry to extract metals, such as gold and copper, from electronic waste on a commercial scale.

Mint’s technology is unique because it offers economically attractive ‘green metals’ (metals with a lower carbon lifecycle) to the market, has a significantly lower carbon impact than outdated processes, and is deployed at local scale which stops waste from being sent to landfill or shipped overseas.

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Snapshot of Mint Innovation

Combining our expertise, passion and innovation, we extract green metals from the worlds waste to accelerate a circular economy​.

The market opportunity ahead for Mint

Mint Innovation is reinventing the recovery of metals from waste and aims to become the world’s leading provider of circular green metals.

Our aim is to deploy our unique and clean technology as ‘biorefineries’ in every major city in the world – where there are waste streams containing valuable metals (such as gold, copper and silver). We want to be there helping to extract them back into the local economy in a way that helps to protect the environment and the future of the planet.

After our recent Series C capital raise of $60M, Mint plans to expand its research and development on various waste streams other than e-waste, such as end of life lithium-ion batteries and see how the technology can recover precious metals like lithium, cobalt, or manganese from these batteries to be recirculated in a low impact way.

In addition, we are finding useful recycled materials for circular supply including gypsum and plastics to be used in gib boards and recycled fence posting.

Why Mint is a great place to work

The team at Mint is a collection of dedicated and ambitious scientists, engineers, and business people who work tirelessly to push the boundaries of cleantech innovation. We genuinely believe that collectively we can have a significant impact in combating climate change by working together to overcome challenges and hurdles with critical projects.

Over the last two years, the team has grown over 300%, from 11 to 41 full-time staff. To ensure we don’t lose our way as we scale, we recently ran a workshop to update our values as more people join us on our growth journey.

We are also a diverse bunch of individuals with a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and gender. We have over 14 ethnicities on the team, including South African, Fijian Indians, Vietnamese, Singaporean and Indonesian. In addition, over 40% of our team is female.

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