Enterprise Data Storage Solutions

Nyriad, Inc. has developed the industry’s first storage solutions that redefine how data is stored.

Combining the power of GPUs and CPUs, we deliver an exceptional combination of performance, resilience, and efficiency, enabling massive amounts of data and multiple data types to be managed in a single storage system that is simple to deploy, operate, scale, and maintain.

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Funding stage
Series B


Our space

The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Nyriad

Our mission is to revolutionise the foundation of storage.

The market opportunity ahead for Nyriad

Launched in US Market and partnering with some incredible customers (wish I could say who) to transform their businesses from the foundation up.

Why Nyriad is a great place to work

Nyriad is working alongside minds that awe you everyday.

If you're someone who always feels like the smartest in the room (and, let's be honest, that gets dull) you'll thrive surrounded by the other 'smartest people in the room' brought together as team Nyriad.

We work in predominantly remote freedom with the infrastructure to feel connected. We are diverse, multi-cultural, unpretentious, and entirely devoted to bringing our technology to the world.

Working with us


  • Customer Focused

    Putting our customers first, always.

  • One Team

    We work together to achieve our goals.

  • Innovation

    We continually seek a better way.

  • Integrity

    We treat everyone fairly, with honesty and transparency.

  • Excellence

    We strive for the highest quality.

  • Great Place To Work

    We value inclusion, trust, and each other.

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