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Nyriad is fundamentally changing the foundation of storage.

We are a fast-growing software development company building a cutting edge solution to combine the power of both the CPU and GPU to tackle the world’s increasing need for data storage and processing.

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Snapshot of Nyriad

Nyriad's mission is to solve the most challenging problems storage systems face today by designing an entirely new way to control and manage storage devices at scale.

The market opportunity ahead for Nyriad

We recently launched the UltraIO system. A block storage system that leverages the most advanced, highest-capacity hard drives. Organizations are now free to take advantage of the superior capacity, performance, durability, and power efficiency of these hard drives, without the long rebuild times and associated performance degradation that is common with today’s RAID-based storage systems.

The UltraIO system is ideal for data-intensive use cases such as high-performance computing, media and entertainment, and backup and archive.

With the UltraIO system, Nyriad has built a new foundation for storage that addresses current problems and creates new opportunities for the future without requiring organisations to make disruptive changes to their storage infrastructure.

We are excited to see where we take the UltraIO next and the problems it will solve for many!

Why Nyriad is a great place to work

At Nyriad, we’re solving the most challenging problems storage systems face today by designing an entirely new way to control and manage storage devices at scale.

Revolutionary advances in technology rarely happen when individuals work alone. It takes an entire team singularly focused on achieving the same vision. We encourage individuality and growth by creating a culture rich with a passion for ingenuity strengthened by diversity of thought and experiences and a shared desire to see our company and everyone in it succeed.

We are a diverse team spread across Hamilton and Auckland, N.Z and various states in the U.S. We are flexible in the way we work where varying degrees of remote/hybrid work is the norm.

Open communication is important to us where we utilise various digital platforms to stay connected across multiple time zones. Our N.Z team enjoy the ability to work from our Hamilton office and have regular team events and catch-ups.

Working with us


  • Customer Focused

    Putting our customers first, always.

  • Fair, Honest, Transparent

    Doing the right thing for our customers, partners, suppliers and teammates.

  • Committed and Steadfast

    All “hands on deck”. No matter what our role, no matter who we are in the company, everyone steps up, mucks in and works together as a team to achieve our goal.

  • Innovative

    Finding new, better, more efficient ways to do everything we do.

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