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Build better digital experiences, backed by data

Optimal Workshop is a user research platform that gathers fast, actionable insights necessary for understanding user needs and making informed decisions.

Our superior analysis tools, testing methods and participant recruitment options increase efficiency and empower teams to deliver customer focused solutions.

Our products have created value for a diverse range of roles including UX designers and researchers, content strategists, information architects, and more. Learn more about how we can help you create better user experiences today!

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Snapshot of Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop is a user research platform that provides actionable insights to help people create better experiences for their customers.

The market opportunity ahead for Optimal Workshop

Although Optimal Workshop has mostly focused on targeting traditional information architecture (IA) and user experience (UX) roles, we are working to extend our impact across a broad range of roles including content, marketing, and product audiences.

We will also be launching some exciting new features to help customers better understand our tools and make the most of them. Ultimately, our goal is to continue widening our reach, and improving our tools to create a greater impact in the space.

Why Optimal Workshop is a great place to work

What makes Optimal Workshop’s culture unique is that the company truly lives up to its values and puts people at the heart of everything it does. Optimal Workshop lives up to its mission of creating better experiences for all by elevating both customer and employee experiences. By offering flexible working hours, access to a fun and cozy office, team lunches, a learning and development fund, and a wellbeing fund, and many more benefits Optimal Workshop goes above and beyond to support employee wellbeing, productivity, and prosperity.

Furthermore, Optimal Workshop creates opportunities for team members to socialise with Friday wrap. Friday wrap is a time where the whole company gets together for a low-key gathering to wind up the week, share, and learn. Oftentimes team members share a demo of some work they’ve completed, learnings from a course or a workshop, or a relevant cultural experience or practice.

Teams also have meetups where they get together to plan for the quarter and engage in fun activities. This year the marketing team went axe-throwing and the data squad went mini-golfing. Optimal Workshop values gratitude and recognises hard work with a #gratitude channel where anyone can post a shout-out to celebrate team members. Recently, we also celebrated Pink Shirt day with a lot of pink shirts and pink kai.

Working with us


  • Approachable by design

    We give people the tools and knowledge they need to get stuff done and grow. We’re here when you need us and we love a silly question.

  • Being bold is in our DNA

    We’re not afraid to do things differently and make a few mistakes along the way. We take ownership of opportunities and find the courage to forge a better path.

  • Curiosity

    We’re insatiably curious, just like our customers. We prove hunches with data and follow our instincts. We put people at the heart of everything we do.

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