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Build better digital experiences, backed by data

Optimal Workshop has been a leader in information architecture tools for user research for over a decade. From humble beginnings in Wellington New Zealand, we pioneered card sorting and tree testing. Today, our suite of five specialised tools allows start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to test early, test often, and test at scale – all in one place.

We believe life online should feel easy, even enjoyable. That’s exactly what we help people do – build better digital experiences.

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Snapshot of Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop's mission is to be the global leader in tools for information architecture.

The market opportunity ahead for Optimal Workshop

To date, Optimal Workshop has successfully grown organically over the past 14 years, while maintaining profitability. We have a deep-rooted history of challenging the status quo within the global user research industry.

We pioneered some of the most widely used tools used in the growing field of information architecture (IA), including card sorting and tree testing tools, used in over a hundred countries by some of the world’s best-known brands including Uber, IBM and General Electric.

We have a big goal of improving the digital world around us, so more people have better experiences online. The demand in the user experience world is more pressing than it’s ever been, and to meet this demand, Optimal Workshop has just been given additional resources to build and innovate, while still delivering exceptional services every day for our customers.

To support our product development and international growth aspirations, Optimal Workshop is looking to increase staff numbers by 50% in 2022.

Why Optimal Workshop is a great place to work

At Optimal Workshop, curiosity is celebrated, boldness and accountability encouraged and things like office dogs, obsessive recycling, and spontaneous lunch trains are just part of who we are. We have a strong flexible-working culture that strives to make it just as connected when we are all at home as it is when we can be in the same room together.

We are guided by The Optimal Way, bringing principles of Individual responsibility and collective accountability to our work while making psychological safety a prerequisite. This means we are honest with each other and ourselves, – even when it feels uncomfortable.

The environment needs to be safe to say anything meaningful and we approach communication with compassion and understanding. We believe that decisions must as close as possible to the action and impact, so we support our colleagues rather than manage them.

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