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Proving Origin, Protecting Reputations

Oritain develops fraud-protection solutions that help producers and retailers to protect their brand reputation both in market and in the supply chain. The company scientifically verifies the origin of food by assessing its molecular composition to verify its origin claim - a powerful tool that cannot be tampered with.

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Snapshot of Oritain Global

Oritain is striving to be the most trusted company in the world at scientifically verifying origin

The Opportunity Ahead for Oritain

Knowledge, transparency, and traceability across supply chains seen as of crucial importance for the world to achieve the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. They allow the detection and deterrence of illegal practices such as child labour, exploitation of workers and local communities, deforestation, and degradation of the environment.

Oritain believes they are well on the way to being the most trusted company in the world at verifying origin, with the market and use cases enormous.

Diversity and Inclusion at Oritain

With a small team of of just under 60 employees, Oritain is made up of 25 nationalities, multiple languages spoken and an even gender split across the business. They continue to improve on their journey towards building an even more inclusive organisation in the future.

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