We are connecting the worlds parts

Partly is a leading automotive technology company developing solutions for the auto parts industry. We're pioneering the shift in a traditionally offline industry - auto parts, to be fully connected globally.

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Snapshot of Partly

Partly is on a mission to connect the world's parts.

The market opportunity ahead for Partly

Partly is digitising and connecting one of the world's largest industries - parts. Partly works with some of the world's largest companies to power digital infrastructure for customers across 23 countries.

Why Partly is a great place to work

We solve difficult problems together. There is an incredibly large opportunity in front of us which presents each individual with the chance the scale themselves. Think 10x. Our mission is hugely impactful and meaningful to the world.

Every Partly team member has an impact on company growth and direction through a culture of transparency and radical candour.

Partly has a culture of freedom and responsibility where best intentions are assumed. We have an extremely diverse range of backgrounds which are celebrated through activities such as monthly cultural lunches, season openers, and day-to-day activities.

We invest significantly in becoming the best startup to work for in New Zealand.

Working with us


  • Inspire through ambition

    ‍Set crazy big goals, pursue excellence, and move fast to achieve our mission. Aspire to be best in the world at what you do. Jump out of your comfort zone, and keep a growth mindset.

  • Assume best intentions

    Trust each other, be positive and over-communicate. When we're unsure or disagree, there's probably context lacking.

  • Optimise for impact

    ‍Aim for the most simple and effective solutions. Start from first principles and approach problems with a beginners mind. Be a voracious learner.

  • Act like an owner

    Take responsibility, look for solutions and do what needs to be done. Care deeply about the mission. Take initiative, don't wait for instructions, and be comfortable with ambiguity.

  • Be radically candid

    Remain open, honest and challenge directly. Ask questions and over-index on feedback. We know healthy discussions include disagreements.

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