Secure your entire cloud with Plerion

Plerion is an all-in-one Cloud Security Platform that supports workloads across AWS, Azure, and GCP delivering cloud security posture management, workload security, data security, IAM security, continuous compliance, software bill of materials, shift left security, and more.

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Cyber Security
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The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Plerion

Provide organisations with the top 1% of cloud security alerts, that carry genuine business risk.

The market opportunity ahead for Plerion

Growth! and continual innovation!! Our engineering team is growing by the day to support the never-ending innovation roadmap and feature requests from our customers - whilst at the same time we are expanding our commercial team here in ANZ, have just hired a team in the UK, and will be hiring a team in the US towards the end of the quarter.

Why Plerion is a great place to work

Awesome place to work. The thing I love about Plerion is that at our core, we we take a huge amount of pride in our ability to be agile, and to innovate the platform based on current and more importantly - emerging challenges within cloud security.

Seeing a feature being deployed to the platform 2/3 weeks after a customer describes their challenges, not only creates a very happy customer - but makes everyday fresh, being right on the edge of innovation in our space.

The speed of innovation is only achievable by the whole team being in complete sync - product, engineering and sales - we win together. Its a team sport, and seeing all the different pieces materialise within the platform is very satisfying.

Working with us


  • Customer Centric

    Our customers are the reason we exist. We want to solve their cloud security challenges and empower their teams, create business improvement and facilitate high impact decision making.

  • Humble

    We use empathy and humility as the building blocks for our team dynamic. We focus our attention on building sophisticated yet simple to use frameworks and have no time for hubris.

  • Visionary

    We stay ahead of the curve and break new ground. We provide innovative solutions to accelerate the delivery of business improvements that truly meet the needs of today's customers.

  • Authentic

    We share a commitment to building a meaningful and authentic dialogue with our community and building trust with our customers and each other.

  • Experienced

    Our team has detailed market experience, depth of knowledge and mature market insight. We share an intellectual capital advantage for pioneering new technology.

  • Trustworthy

    We are accountable to our customers and being both dependable and ethical are key cornerstones of our business, which resonates through everything we do.

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