You can't prepare for what you can't see coming

The worlds leading source of forecast grade, intelligent event data, helping global brands predict the catalyst behind their demand.

Forged In the Land of the Long White Cloud, We’re a New Zealand-founded company with customers all over the world and we’re really proud of that. Our team in Auckland and San Francisco are part of a unique culture — one that combines Kiwi empathy and community with American ambition and drive.

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Series B

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Snapshot of PredictHQ

PredictHQ's mission is to predict the catalyst behind any kind of demand.

The market opportunity ahead for PredictHQ

The market opportunity in front of PredictHQ is huge. Almost every business is impacted by events and needs to factor them into planning.

Our customers include leading transportation providers like Uber, to globally recognised hotel chains, to the most recognisable hospitality companies in the world like Domino's, to major airlines and more.

Why PredictHQ is a great place to work

At PredictHQ, people come first and supporting them to do the most rewarding work of their career is a priority.

Regardless of age, education, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any personal characteristics, they want everyone to feel welcome. They are proud to represent 22 different nationalities and celebrate this with diverse cultural events.

Some of the D&I initiatives include:

  • Paid parental leave (10 weeks full pay for all new parents) & extra support for new parents.
  • Operation Family reconnect: a commitment to team members that when it becomes safe to travel internationally again, team members can work from wherever they need, to make it as easy as possible to return to visit family.
  • Friends and Family days to reconnect with your loved ones

For us, this is just the start and as we continue to scale our world-first product we are also continuing to develop our inclusive culture.

Working with us


  • Customer Centricity

    Our customers are our partners. We learn from them constantly so we can deliver huge value and keep innovating.

  • Understanding Why

    We know why we take each step, reflect and act, and solve problems rather than symptoms.

  • Get Our Hands Dirty

    If something needs to be done, we roll up our sleeves.

  • Transparency

    We thrive when we communicate transparently, collaborate fully and look after each other.

  • Family & Friends First

    Life is for living — we work hard but don’t neglect our family, friends or health.

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