Pyper Vision


The journey to zero fog delays starts here

Pyper Vision disperses fog to empower your passengers to fly on time, every time. Using our intelligent dispersal system, we bring fog to the ground, clearing the skies for take-off.

Our system is specifically designed for use at airports, preventing disruption to commercial operations on foggy days.

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Funding stage

The Matchstiq Top 2023

Snapshot of Pyper Vision

Pyper Vision is doing something no other company has successfully done before. Taking air transport into a more resilient future, our technology solves for a global, multi-billion dollar challenge for the commercial aviation industry - fog.

The market opportunity ahead for Pyper Vision

We're are continuing to grow our ambitious and dynamic team, further develop and refine our proven technology, and starting with New Zealand airports, preparing to take our product to market within the next year.

Why Pyper Vision is a great place to work

We are an ambitious and multi-skilled team who take a fast paced and innovation-led approach to our work.

Innovating in a highly regulated industry like aerospace delivers complex challenges, and it's our innovative spirit and relentless appetite for problem solving that drives us forward.

We deeply care about our people and encourage everyone to bring their full selves to work, celebrating our differences and valuing the power of diversity of thought and collaboration.

Working with us


  • Our door is open

    We are friendly, approachable, and open to sharing our insights and solutions for the benefit of communities.

  • We keep a growth mindset

    With optimism and an open mind, we commit to learn, grow, and work towards a better future for aviation.

  • Wellbeing of community

    We want to remove barriers between commercial operations and human connection, enabling growth and success for those around us.

  • We are bold

    We are driven to tackle the problems that others have not, in ways others may not. As persistent innovators and problem solvers, we love to face challenges head-on.

  • Leave no trace

    We keep current and future communities front of mind, building solutions that positively impact people’s lives both today and tomorrow.

  • Safe travels

    It is everyone’s right to get home safely each day. We prioritise safety above all else across our operations.

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