More Visibility, Lower Cost

Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users.

We build tools that help thousands of businesses globally create great software. Our products give visibility into how real users are experiencing software applications, allowing developers to detect, diagnose and resolve issues affecting their end-users.

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Series A

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Snapshot of Raygun

Raygun's mission is to help businesses create perfect software experiences faster.

The market opportunity ahead for Raygun

Raygun is an established brand with tens of thousands of active users. Best known for our Error Monitoring solution, Raygun is now making headway into the quickly-growing Application Performance Monitoring market, worth north of $11B. The market potential is huge, and Raygun is well-positioned to capitalize on the opportunity

Why Raygun is a great place to work

Raygun has a healthy culture with several initiatives that ensure the development and well-being of our employees.

Professional development time:
10% of working time is dedicated to professional development. Whether that be reading an industry book, taking an online course, or learning from a mentor, Raygun employees are always pushing their knowledge to greater heights.

WFH Thursdays:
Raygun offers all employees the opportunity to work from home on Thursdays, which is widely loved and adopted by the team.

Flexible work hours:
Make your own hours. Outside of meeting obligations, the team is allowed to work when works best for them, allowing you to go to an appointment, pick up the kids, or simply go for a leisurely walk in the sun.

Free team lunch on Fridays:
On Fridays, lunch is on us, with a vote for the meal of the week!

Working with us


  • Go the extra mile with our customers

    Want to stand out and be noticed for how great you are? Go the extra mile for our customers and be the highlight of their day.

  • Be awesome every day

    1% improvements stack up. By being awesome every day, and taking it one step at a time, we can achieve greatness.

  • Don't fuck the customer

    Customers are the whole reason we get to work on building great software. Our goal is to help improve the world's software.

  • Assume nothing, measure everything

    Fundamentally, we are a data visualization tool, so data is baked into who we are. Back up all of your ideas and opinions with data.

  • Push the boundaries

    We are building a world-class business, with a world-class product. Boundaries, real or perceived, limit our potential.

  • There's no time for bullshit when building an empire

    There is a lot to do, and plenty of growing pains as we scale up our business to solve the world's software problems. We can't afford to slow down with drama and instead need to have a laser focus on outputs.

  • Respect the team

    Being empathetic, being willing to lend a hand, giving constructive feedback, and not letting down your teammates are all crucial elements of respecting the team.

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