Intelligent corporate travel and expense solutions

Serko is a leader in online travel booking and expense management for the business travel market. Zeno is Serko’s next generation travel management application, using intelligent technology, predictive workflows and a global travel marketplace to transfer business travel across the entire journey.

Serko may be a technology company, but its core strength is its people. With more than 300 employees (Serkodians) worldwide and bold growth ambitions, our culture reflects the diversity of our people, centered around our core values.

We’re a publicly listed company (NZX and ASX) with significant cash reserves, strong growth and established partnerships with the biggest players in the travel ecosystem.

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Snapshot of Serko

Our vision is for a connected, frictionless travel experience and to deliver that, we’re building the world’s leading business travel marketplace – connecting business traveler's everywhere with the content, information and services they need at every stage of the journey.

The Market Opportunity Ahead for Serko

Serko is focused on building sustainable long-term business growth. After launching the for Business platform during the pandemic (in partnership with, in FY23 we reported revenue growth in excess of 150%, and our ambition is to exceed $100m in revenue and operate cashflow positive for the FY25 financial year.

The year ahead for Serko is super exciting. We have more than 500,00 customers registered on for Business, and we’re experimenting with even more compelling product capabilities to accelerate conversion and growth.

Why is Serko a great place to work

Our vision for Team Serko is to bring our people together to do career-defining work, which ultimately delights our customers and partners across the world.

We aim to provide Serkodians with a connected employee experience which is underpinned by a clear company purpose and vision and our strong values. These cornerstones of our company are developed from the diversity of perspectives that make up Serko.

We track how Serkodians are feeling about the company, alignment, leadership, their own development and wellbeing. Our monthly pulse survey provides regular feedback and allow real-time adjustments. Serkodians also tell us that they have strong sense of belonging, with more than 80% consistently agreeing that they are proud to work for Serko and 84% agreeing that they would recommend Serko as a great please to work.

Working with us


  • Autonomy

    Serkodians are able to work independently and make decisions for themselves

  • Teamwork

    Serkodians work well with people not just in their own teams, but in teams across the organisation

  • Passion

    Serkodians are passionate about what they do and what Serko does

  • Integrity

    Serkodians are honest, respectful of others, deliver on their commitments and make ethical business decisions

  • Success

    Serkodians strive toward ensuring Serko reaches its goals

  • Family

    Serkodians are valued as part of the Serko family and Serko recognises the importance of their families to them

  • Fun

    We value humour, laughter and enjoying what we do

  • Mastery

    Serkodians continuously strive to become masters of what they do

  • You

    We bring talented people together to do great things. If you're up for the challenge check out our vacancies below!

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