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SquareOne is the first app in New Zealand that offers child-specific saving and financial literacy innovation. SquareOne encourages children to earn, save and manage money with the help of a parent.

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Snapshot of SquareOne

SquareOne's mission is financial well-being for our next generation.

The market opportunity ahead for SquareOne

We're a couple of months away from adding a full bank account number to every customer (parents included). Building the parent proposition and brand into a suite of services that answer all the 'family banking' problems... But that's just NZ.

We're also working on launching in overseas territories, thanks to our partnership with Mastercard.

Why SquareOne is a great place to work

We understand that what we're building is pretty special - it fulfils a really big social impact + purpose need, while at the same time having incredible financial potential. That's a difficult place to land, ticking both those boxes.

Usually, it's one, or the other - so this gives us a unique opportunity. That flows into our culture - we have a lot of maturity and ability, and still enough of a cheeky youthful spark to want to disrupt and change things for the better.

It's a completely flat structure, with high trust, openness and autonomy, and the complete support of your teammates. Add to that absolute clarity of vision, a high degree of execution, and huge sense of purpose (verified by a solid, qualified cap-table), and we do believe huge things are achievable.

Probably the biggest indicator is when you walk into the office - there's always laughing about something. Everyone is working hard and kicking big goals, and enjoying the ride at the same time.

We're often exploring the limits of what we think we can achieve - and anyone at SquareOne will tell you it's the biggest challenge they've had, with some of the cleverest, raddest people they've met, and that's a really addictive combo.

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