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Toku Eyes has assembled a team of clinicians, technologists and business experts to develop proprietary algorithms that provide inexpensive, convenient AI-based health assessments through retinal imaging. Our initial focus is on addressing the significant challenges that prevent early screening and health-risk assessment for people living with diabetes and those at risk of Cardiovascular disease.

Our technology is non-invasive and designed to work anywhere, with immediate results for each patient, allowing early medical intervention. Our risk assessment models give life to the saying, "If you can see the future, you can change it".

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Snapshot of Toku Eyes

Toku Eyes' mission is to prevent the causes of preventable blindness and associated health conditions, initially supporting people living with diabetes.

The market opportunity ahead for Toku Eyes

Currently, we are diagnosing people with diabetic eye disease via analysing images from the back of the eye.

The retinal is the only visible part of the circulatory system and is accessible non-invasively. Our AI platform has been extended to screen several other sight-threatening eye diseases, and we are well advanced in developing risk-assessment models that will impact physicians' ability to intervene early in life-threatening disorders.

Why Toku Eyes is a great place to work

Everyone in the Team is aware of what we are trying to do, and the people we will help, in New Zealand and worldwide. This is very motivating.

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