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Our aim is to take the pain out of managing farm data and become New Zealand’s favourite farm reporting and productive insights tool. The Trev platform is changing the way farmers record and analyse their information by improving their farm’s productivity, sustainability and profitability.

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Snapshot of Trev

Quite simply, Trev’s vision is to be New Zealand’s favourite farm reporting and insights platform.

The market opportunity ahead for Trev

Trev’s putting the foot down - we’re growing quickly and are excited to be transitioning from startup to scaleup, with big things planned for the next 12 months as we continue to grow and strengthen our team and product in NZ. We’ve got a product and integration roadmap from here to Invercargill that’ll continue to improve our customers’ day-to-day business and take us to new places - be that with AI, into new markets, or offshore.

Why Trev is a great place to work

People are at the heart of Trev. This means that as a team we are transparent, open, honest, and inclusive - we treat everybody with respect. We also have a heap of fun doing what we do.

We are a fast paced and vibrant startup where everyone is given room to develop personally and professionally. Trev has an open door policy where you’ll get exposure to senior leadership and directors in an informal manner. You'll also have the opportunity to actively contribute to strategic priorities of the business. Everyone has their role and responsibilities but you don’t need to stay in your lane as there is a huge opportunity to stamp your mark on Trev and the team.

We have a remote first workplace. We offer the flexibility of time where you can take a breather here or there so you can put the family and life events first. We do have an office in the Hauraki Plains where we all get together from time to time to chew the fat. When not in office we are regularly in touch with each other through remote working tools such as Slack and Zoom and have regular Unplugged sessions with the team - enjoying a virtual bevie or two at the end of the week or to celebrate milestones.

Working alongside a go-getting and compassionate team of good humans, this is a work environment that you’ll want to get out of bed for.

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