AI-powered Digital Humans for significantly better customer experience

Digital humans are AI-powered brand ambassadors that recreate the best aspects of human interaction to drive deeper emotional connection with customers.

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Artificial Intelligence
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Snapshot of UneeQ

UneeQ's mission is to be a world leading digital human company, by transforming the interaction between humans and machines

The Market Opportunity Ahead for UneeQ

Conversational AI is forecasted to be a US$40B market in the next 5 years, with rapid adoption since the pandemic as companies look to provide more human connection via digital channels with their customers.

Brands historically have used personality to talk "at" their customers, however the digital human transformation will enable them to create new experiences that talk "with" their customers. The adoption of this technology is only at the beginning of the cycle, providing a lot of opportunity ahead. UneeQ has experienced 176% customer growth in the last 12 months and has positioned themselves as one of the top performing digital human companies in the world.

Diversity and Inclusion at UneeQ

At UneeQ, diversity starts with a strong, cohesive and caring leadership team, with gender, ethnic, and geographic diversity.

They offer their staff flexible work options with a hybrid WFH/WFO approach. The plan most of their company activities during typical working hours so that everyone is able to participate. They proactively look for a diverse shortlist when hiring as well as participate in events and activities that give under-represented groups experience in and exposure to the tech industry.

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